We help brokers retain retail trading clients for longer

Our real-time video commentary provides educational analysis and tradable insights as markets move.

What is Video Commentary?

A constantly streaming feed of bite-sized videos that interpret breaking news and significant price moves into tradable insights.

The videos are recorded and posted by a team of professional analysts within seconds of any significant market move occurring.

It is designed to educate and guide your retail clients through the entire EU session, every day. Losing access to this real-time resource will make your clients think twice about switching brokers.

Who is it for?

Our video commentary product has been specifically designed for high value retail traders that are serious about understanding the markets and improving their skills.

It is particularly effective at giving your higher value account holders a reason to trade with you over other brokers, as they continue to develop their trading knowledge.

The nature of the commentary encourages your traders to log in every time they trade to make sure they do not miss any important updates.

Our service provides educational analysis and tradable insights in real-time, against the backdrop of the live market.

How does it work?

Each day our team of analysts scour every professional news wire and interpret everything into short videos. The feed operates for the entire EU trading session, Monday to Friday (8am – 17:00pm).

Each video contains engaging content that is easy to understand for the average retail trader. The videos aim to explain a specific event and then provide an insight that your clients can trade with.

Each video is recorded and posted instantly with no waiting time while videos render or upload. Each video immediately populates the main video player within the widget.

The length of the videos average 3 minutes each and range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length.

Traders can easily scroll back through all historical videos to catch up on insights they might have missed.

The widget is fully branded with your logos and colours and appears inside your own client portal or website at the URL of your choice.

It looks and feels like a purely native feature for your clients to utilise alongside your other resources.

Technical details & pricing

The widget is designed to be as ‘turn-key’ as possible. It can be installed inside your client portal within 10-minutes, and we provide training resources for your sales teams.

A user rating feature is built into the widget to allow them to quickly share whether they enjoy using it as part of their trading with you.

This lets you see ‘at a glance’ whether our video commentary is adding any value to your business on an ongoing basis.

You can be 100% certain before you make any long-term financial commitment.

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