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Our founding team have worked in some of the world’s most successful trading education businesses in the world.

They have worked closely with the world’s top IBs and affiliates, introducing clients for CFD brokerages.

These projects have also generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, converting retail traders into products and services.

We understand what type of tools and training traders want and, most importantly, what they’re willing to pay for.

Financial Source (for brokers) specialises in helping CFD brokers generate clients on-demand with these same, proven techniques.

We create premium products for traders that can be sold, at scale, directly.

This allows your brokerage to build its own direct marketing system that works, without paying away to IBs.

We’re the only vendor with this level of retail trader conversion expertise.

We also understand the challenges that most brokers face with this process. We tailor our products to specifically help you overcome these issues.


Our systems can be deployed within highly regulated environments including FCA, CFTC, CySec and ASIC regions.

We have designed them around guidance given by the major regulators on inducement and financial promotions.

Essentially, regulators want brokers to act in the best interest of the clients.

Our education platform operates independently from your brokerage. Our only concern is providing educational analysis for retail traders.

This separation eliminates any possible conflict of interests that may arise as a result of your brokerage providing this content directly.

It’s very easy to demonstrate this separation to regulators.

Providing your clients with education, research and analysis is clearly in their best interests too.

Research and analysis helps traders to make more informed decisions on their account.

Education and training gives traders useful information and a deeper understanding of the markets they are trading.

These resources compliment their trading activity and help to enhance their experience in a positive manner.

They are directly related to the trading and investment goals that your clients have.

Our professional team of analysts are highly trained and understand how to deliver useful, informative content while remaining compliant.

Our ready made campaign templates are also written in line with the latest guidance on inducements and financial promotions regulation.

We ensure that every message is clear, transparent and honest about the reality of trading while using the education platform.

Our experts can help you create messages that inform your clients about the benefits of the education platform, while also highlighting its limitations.

We can also assist with positioning the offer within your existing products and account types.

This will ensure that every client clearly understands exactly how they can access the education platform in a transparent and compliant manner.

The software functionality is flexible and customisable based on the preferences of your compliance and executive teams.

Our settings can be adjusted to suit each individual region and their specific restrictions.

Because it works!

Once you experience how our systems attract clients and assist sales and marketing teams, you’ll naturally want to keep it.

Letting brokers use it for free is the most efficient way for us to get more customers.

The base language of our system is English and we are constantly adding new languages.

Please contact us during your onboarding for an up-to-date list of the languages we currently offer.


Everything is non-branded by default.

It’s designed to look and feel like it’s being provided by your in-house team.

Even when engaging directly with your clients, our analyst team is trained to make the experience personal to your brand.

Our pre-made lead-gen-site is hosted on a separate domain that is branded to your brokerage.

This also helps you run compliant advertising campaigns more effectively.


You can add your own webinars, video courses or indicators into the platform.

We can also integrate existing products that you may already have access to, such as news, signals or research.

If you have your own products, we recommend doing this to make your service as bespoke and unique as possible.

It also serves to increase the perceived value of your other products.

This will make the software even more powerful in retaining clients for longer.

You can also choose to hide any of our default content as you see fit.

Everything is customisable.

We can also help you design and build your own education products via our consulting service.

Our education platform must be positioned behind a secure log-in page.

Our dedicated conversion experts are on hand to help you position it for maximum conversions.

Our system gives your sales team a hook to attract clients and a conversion loop to push them through.

It’s all white labelled to your brokerage.

Your marketing team drives traffic to the education platform or lead-gen-site. We have campaign templates they can use.

This is designed to appeal to the client so they request access to the product.

This produces sales-qualified-leads as the access requests roll in.

Your sales teams follow up with these requests and generate the required deposit or upgrade.

They then unlock the product for the client for a specific period of time.

Length of access depends on size of deposit / balance or any preferred metric.

Client access will automatically expire and they will be encouraged to request an extension.

This pushes them back through the loop over and over again for as long as they use the product.

Our software can also be programmed to automate this entire loop without using sales teams.

Of course, the software can also be unlocked for all clients without any conditions applied, if you prefer.

This method can be used to build goodwill and loyalty with your client base.
This can make a positive impact on retention over time.

Your marketing and sales teams can then make sure that all new and existing clients are aware that the platform is available.

Yes, but it is best used on a PC or laptop rather than a mobile device.

This is true of most trading platforms and products.

Our education platform is primarily designed for serious traders that dedicate time and energy to learning and analysing the markets regularly.

These are usually the highest-value clients to any brokerage business.

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