Automate client-conversions and track impact on key metrics

Integrate our software into your websites and scale up conversions without extra sales teams.

Integrated education platform

Our education platform is seamlessly integrated into your client portal and/or websites.

It’s an I-frame installation with specific end-points passed from your system to ours.

This means that every client accessing it can be tracked anonymously.

Our software uses this information to lock or unlock the platform automatically based on pre-set criteria that you decide.

This can also be used to lock or unlock specific sections of the platform based on each rule.

If the platform is locked, the client will be prompted to unlock it via a customisable message of your choice.

For example, you could create a request for sales to call them.

Or you could simply automate the process by telling them what type of upgrade they need to perform in order to unlock it.

When they upgrade their account accordingly, the software will detect this action and automatically grant them the appropriate access.

You can also track which clients are using it, how they’re using it and how that relates to key metrics such as account balance and average deposits.

The entire integration is seamless and white labelled to your brokers branding at every step.

All you need to do is drive all of your clients to the product to identify the ones that wish to access it.

And keep these campaigns active as a normal part of your marketing routines.

Automated access rules

You can create access rules that are automatically applied based on the client’s account status.

There is no limit to the types of rules you can create or the number of rules you have active at the same time.

For example, you could create a simple rule that only allows clients with an account balance over a specific amount to unlock the platform.

Your sales teams can get involved by creating rules for specific users.

For example, they might be negotiating a first-time-deposit with a new client. They could offer to unlock the platform for that client for 48 hours.

This allows the client to try the platform before making their deposit.

These types of rules have an automatic expiry baked in so they naturally end and clients don’t end up with infinite access by mistake.

Rules can be created based on almost any criteria.

For example, if your compliance teams are worried about inducement regulations, you can simply unlock the platform for all clients from specific countries.

Alternatively, you could lock it for all those clients but tailor the prompt to be more compliant.

Instead of encouraging a direct deposit, you could simply highlight your account types where they can learn more about accessing the product.

For global clients, promotions could test different rules and offers.

For instance, a simple rule could offer to unlock one specific feature of the education platform in exchange for a smaller deposit.

This access would automatically expire after the specified time period, encouraging redeposits or account upgrades.

Our conversion experts can also assist your marketing teams with these campaigns based on proven concepts we’ve already implemented.

We can share email sequences, banners and templates to help you drive clients to the product and prompt key actions.

We call this process a conversion loop.

This loop involves automated marketing campaigns to drive clients and leads to the product.

The product then automatically filters out those clients that want to use the product in their trading.

It displays a message chosen by you and when the client has acted on the message, the product automatically unlocks.

As long as you continue driving your leads to the product, your broker will enjoy an ongoing stream of new clients and redeposits.

Revenue data insights

The auto-pilot system imports key data and generates insights into usage, average account balance, average deposit size and more.

It also gathers client feedback and rating submissions.

Over time you can see how your clients have rated our platform (out of 5 stars) and review their comments and feedback.

We also use this data to continually improve our product.

You can use this data to understand the impact that our product is having on your business.

In fact, the system is able to track, measure and generate insights from whatever data points you wish to send.

Over time this can be used to create a powerful dashboard of information to aid your decision making process.

FAQs about the auto-pilot software

The auto-pilot software can be installed in under 1-hour by a competent developer with access to your systems.

Integration times do vary based on what type of data you’d like to track and use for conditional access.

Our standard integration covers all of the major business metrics you’re probably interested in using.

Our own development team is on-hand around to answer any questions or assist with the integration in any way you require.


Auto-pilot is fully compliant with GDPR and we can adjust the settings in any way your compliance team prefers.

We only gather data that’s used to benefit the client and the system has the ability to anonymise and encrypt it.


Quantum is designed for sales teams that want to generate leads from ongoing marketing campaigns.

Auto-pilot achieves a similar outcome without sales teams being involved at all.
Of course, sales teams can (and often do) use auto-pilot alongside quantum.

This allows marketing teams to run multiple campaigns to different segments of users to maximise conversions.

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