Create customised conversion strategies for your brokerage

We assist with ideas, planning and implementation to drive your key revenue metrics higher.

Bespoke to your brokerage

Our consulting service is for brokers that want help with a specific problem or project.

It allows you to embed our experts into your team and tap into our decades of retail-trader conversion expertise.

We begin the process with a thorough exploration of your current business, team and strategy.

We also work to understand exactly what outcome you’re trying to achieve as a business.

We will generate our best ideas for solving your problem or completing your project in line with your desired outcome.

These solutions will be completely unique to your brokerage.

We will work with you at the proposal stage until we have created a clear framework that you love.

At this point you can choose whether you’d like to execute the proposal with your existing team or outsource the entire project to us.

Focused on outcomes

Our strategies impact key business metrics like actively-traded-accounts deposit-rates and average-trading-volumes.

We can also assist with more granular metrics such as cost-per-lead, number of sales qualified leads or even number of organic website visitors.

Having a clear metric will ensure that your project is successful and delivers the results you’re after.

We also understand that sometimes, part of the process is identifying the best metric to target.

In these instances, we can act as an extension of your team.

We will input our thoughts and ideas so that your team can factor in our expertise as part of their decision making process.

Once the metric is decided, our proposals will contain milestones to help you understand the steps and timescales to completion.

You’ll have a complete plan and pathway for achieving your goals.

360 service

We’ll design a proposal for you to execute, assist with implementation or assemble a team to do it for you.

We offer two main pricing models for our consulting services.

The first one is a retainer based method.

This allows us to work closely with your team as an advisor or consultant. It’s great for ongoing projects that require our specific expertise.

All of our retainers are charged monthly and based on a specific number of dedicated hours per month.

These hours include things like calls, meetings and chat. This includes all prep required for these things.

Our retainer generally only covers remote/online services.

If you require physical attendance, then these expenses will be charged in addition to the monthly retainer fee.

If you prefer to fix your costs, we can break it down into a project based model.

Each project can also be broken down into smaller steps with specific deliverables.

Doing this allows you to assess our impact and decide if you working with us is the right fit for your business before committing to a long term project.

Finally, you can outsource an entire project to us.

This is where we assemble an entire team and execute the plan in scheduled milestones.

You will receive a weekly report and regular interaction with our conversion expert.

Here are some of the consulting projects that our team has executed previously:

Traffic asset website

This is a dedicated brand that is separate from your brokerage, but owned by you.

Imagine owning a website like Babypips or DailyFX and driving all that traffic to your brokerage.

The website operates totally independently but you can tap into the user base to generate new brokerage accounts.

We call this a traffic asset.

It’s an asset because the traffic (and clients you generate from it) is free, forever.

Even when you factor in the cost of building and running it, the average cost of a customer is over 60% less than using paid traffic.

It’s a fantastic long-term investment for any brokerage.

Your traffic asset can be any type of brand. There are almost limitless options.

Here are some common examples:

News and commentary

News is a good model because it generates so much content on a consistent basis. Search engines love this regularity and reward you with rankings.

Of course the quality must be good and unique.

If people are reading your news and commentary content then this can be a great way to build huge amounts of organic traffic over time.

Of course, generating this content and managing the process can also be expensive and capital intensive.

Training and education

It’s well known that retail traders invest heavily in trading education.

You can tap into this demand by creating your own resource to help traders learn about common market concepts and trading strategies.

A standalone education site will quickly build a loyal following of traders, if the quality is high.

Ongoing investment will be required in some way to keep the content updated and relevant.

Content and research

Content sites can be fantastic traffic generation tools.

Static content can help build traffic while regularly posted research gives the site a dynamic feeling of activity.

When traders land there they will instantly be drawn to the ongoing value.

Tools and analysis

Trading tools can deliver fantastic results without the same ongoing resource requirements as traditional content.

A high quality economic calendar for example, can drive lots of traffic while requiring minimal maintenance.

There are many different types of tools that you can create and most of them can be powered with pricing data you already own.

This makes these types of sites great value for brokers looking to maximise their existing resources.

Trading / investment newsletters

Newsletters are simple but powerful assets. They can build large audiences and generate new clients at scale.

A newsletter can be focused around a niche concept that attracts highly targeted traders.

This speciality can then be linked back to your brokerage.

Imagine a newsletter specialising in news-trading. Then introducing those traders to your broker that also caters specifically to news traders.

This type of specialist sequencing will ensure high conversion rates from the audience to your accounts.

Of course, the quality of the newsletter is key and hiring a bone-fide trading expert is an investment you’ll need to make.

We can assist with the search for trading experts to help drive your project, in case you need it.

This option is a relatively low-cost project that can generate big results if executed correctly.

It’s great for start-up brokers and can remain a stand-alone asset that can be sold on in case your priorities change over time.

Communities and user-generated-content

While tricky to master, building a site around user-generated-content can make a huge impact on your business.

It does require ongoing maintenance and updating but this can be done by a small team.

These sites give traders a platform to create all the content around specific topics.

For example, it could be a review site for trading education products.

Or it could be a community built around a niche trading topic such as Elliot Wave.

If you engage with your users well, you will build a strong and loyal base of followers that you can build your brokerage with.

Creating educational resources

Regulators actively encourage brokers to educate their clients and provide learning resources.

If this is done well, it protects your brand and attracts new clients in equal measure.

The tricky part is making sure that the content you create is high-value in the eyes of the average retail trader.

This is where we can help.

We’ve built dozens of trader-education brands and generated tens of millions of dollars in the process.

We work to the principle of making sure that everything created is worth paying for.

We can work with your project team to help design the content structure and also assist with finding trading experts that can present it under your brand.

This can give your brokerage a compelling offer that resonates with your target clients.

Repositioning your core offer

Having a great offer is critical to client conversion and growth.

If your current offer is unclear or too complicated it will drive clients away to other brokers with better offers.

We can help you restructure your offer to appeal directly to your target client.

This will help to anchor the value of your service and also give your sales and marketing teams hooks to work with.

Almost every broker pitches the same tired USPs.

By adding unique value to your offering you will stand out and make the conversion process much easier.

We can help you design and craft an offer strategy that will make a tangible impact on your business.

Doubling SEO traffic in 90-days

Most brokers avoid SEO content marketing. But this is a mistake.

Organic traffic is the best type of traffic and converts at much higher rates than things like paid traffic.

Creating the content can be challenging.

We can assist with that via our consulting service. We can help your team design a content strategy that works.

We can even set up the content generation process that will double your current organic traffic in 90-days.

If you’re considering an SEO content strategy for your brand, then we can assist.

Email marketing implementation

Email marketing is one of the most effective conversion strategies in the financial trading industry.

In fact, it’s the go to tactic used by pretty much all of the world’s top IBs and affiliates.

When they drive you new accounts, they most likely use email marketing campaigns to do it.

Building your own email marketing system is a great way to boost conversions for relatively little effort.

We can assist with the design and implementation of this from start to finish.

We can also supply campaign templates for things like automated email sequences and retargeting campaigns.

These are proven tactics that you can transplant directly into your own business.

Integrating email marketing into your process is a great way to optimise conversions from your existing traffic.


Sales/marketing team training

Many brokers hire people that have very little industry experience in their sales and marketing teams.

They can find it a challenge adapting to the unique issues found in financial trading.

We can provide tailored training and mentoring for your entire team or sub-teams as required.

This can be delivered in a range of formats, including in-person.

This can be structured as an on-demand resource that is constantly available to your team as they are implementing new campaigns.

As teams grow or change we can assist in keeping them highly trained and in sync with tactics and strategies that actually work.

FAQs about our consulting services

Our consulting service is tailored to your specific business needs.

We can offer pricing as a monthly retainer or as a fixed price per project.

Specific pricing will depend on what requirements you have and how we assist you.

Our initial discussions are free and we will work with you to help you decide if our consulting service is a good fit.

We can work wherever you prefer.

Most of our work is done remotely, but if you require in-person attendance at a specific location, we can facilitate this.

Travel expenses for this are charged in addition to the retainer/project fee agreed.

We generally try to provide a specific outcome for each project that we assist with.

If the outcome can be tied to a metric, and we can have full control over achieving that metric, then we can provide specific guarantees.

We will achieve the goal or continue working for free until we do.

Sometimes there is no specific metric and the engagement simply requires us to be available for calls and consulting at specific times during the month.

In these cases, our guarantee will be tied to these specific requirements.

Everything will be outlined in our service agreement so you have clarity on our guarantees.

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