Deliver premium trading education and analysis in real-time

Our platform allows your clients to learn from and engage with professional analysts in a white-label environment.

Real-time educational analysis

Our education platform is the heartbeat of our systems.

Here’s how it works:

We focus on helping clients understand why markets move. We also do this in real-time as prices are changing.

Alongside this educational analysis, we also help them understand how to predict future moves.

This isn’t done with some over-hyped indicator or signal system that doesn’t work in the long-run.

Instead, we educate traders on how to navigate market expectations.

When you understand what the market is currently expecting to happen next, you can start planning for scenarios that will catch the market off guard.

These scenarios are what professional traders react to, and also what causes every significant price move.

Prepare a trade plan for each scenario and you can react instantly if that scenario occurs.

Traders that understand this process can ride the ensuing price moves, in line with their preferred strategy.

If the scenarios do not occur, traders can protect their account by avoiding high-risk trades during random market moves.

For example:

NFP is a huge event on the economic calendar. It occurs every month.

Economists and experts calculate the likeliest outcome and present this, ahead of the release, as the consensus forecast.

Traders also watch the highest forecast and the lowest forecast.

This gives them a range of forecasts on which to base their expectations.

This means that traders can now predict what type of number will cause the biggest market reaction, ahead of time.

For instance, a number that is way higher than even the highest forecast will generate a bullish move on USD.

If the number is lower than the lowest forecast then a bearish move can be expected.

Sometimes, the market doesn’t care about NFP at all. Traders that know this can save themselves lots of frustration when prices don’t react to any outcome.

When they understand this process, traders can simply wait for the optimal scenario to occur.

They can focus their energy on trading high-probability scenarios which will give them confidence in their process.

Everything we deliver inside the education platform revolves around the concept of helping clients understand which scenarios will create opportunities.

This is what we mean by predicting future price moves.

Over time, clients will not want to trade without this overview of why markets are moving and upcoming scenarios they could take advantage of.

Even for clients that don’t need the educational elements, having access to a professional analyst team is very useful when planning trades.

These types of clients are naturally more valuable to your brokerage business.

We deliver our educational analysis in multiple formats:

Real-time videos

Our team of analysts track the markets and publish short videos throughout the most active market hours (EU session).

These videos explain market moves as they happen and also identify opportunities based on when market expectations might change.

Following these videos helps clients learn how and why markets move which gives them confidence in their trading.

They also learn specific concepts when they’re most relevant rather than static course-based training.

The videos are published inside a dedicated player that your clients can view on a dashboard inside the education platform.

New videos automatically appear with no need to refresh the page.

The analyst team typically publishes an average of 10-20 videos each day.

When our analysts spot a market-moving opportunity they will highlight it and then follow it through to its natural conclusion.

This provides a step by step guide to the entire trade-idea-generation process for your clients to follow.

The real-time videos are perfect for retail traders that want premium education within the context of how and why markets are moving right now.

The videos are stored in the player to allow your clients to review them on-demand too.

If Client-Q&A is activated they can also submit questions via the player and the analysts will respond to them personally.

They will either create a new video to answer their question, send them an existing video that was made earlier or reply via email.

Our analysts aim to make this experience as personal as possible to deliver a first class client experience.

This entire feature is white labelled to your brokerage brand. There is no limit to the number of questions the client can submit.

Live streams

Our platform contains a dedicated section for live stream series.

Each series is based around a very specific trading topic. The series contains all of the upcoming streams along with all the recorded archives.

Clients can watch these on-demand within the series player.

Our longest serving series focuses on helping clients navigate trade ideas for upcoming economic-calendar events.

Scheduled risk-events offer up some of the best and most predictable trading opportunities.

Each event normally comes with expert forecasts that the market uses as their baseline expectation.

Our team of experts study each event and prepare the most tradable scenarios in advance.

We present these trade plan scenarios ahead of the event so that each client knows exactly what to look out for.

When the event or release occurs, we stay live to guide your clients through the market’s reaction.

We also take questions and explain every element of the process in great detail.

Everything is time stamped and recorded for clients to watch on-demand. Trading with the streams is ideal, but watching them back is also a great learning tool.

We also launch a live stream series for almost any other type of tradable opportunity in the market.

Each series remains in the education platform as a library of recordings for future clients to view on-demand.

When Client-Q&A is active, your clients can type questions during the stream and receive mentions and replies from our analyst.

Every question is answered and our software time stamps each answer in the recording.

This means that clients viewing on-demand can simply click the question and be taken to the specific point in the presentation where the reply was given.

This small detail makes it super easy for clients to watch on-demand. This increases the chances of them using the platform regularly.

The client also has the option to set a reminder for each stream they want to attend.

This will automatically send a reminder email 15 minutes before that event begins.

Video courses

Our trading experts create video courses to explain key trading principles. These courses are designed to take traders on a journey from beginner to advanced.

Each course is housed inside the training centre section of the education platform for easy navigation.

They’re broken down into sections with each video showing each client how far they have progressed.

This helps them quickly continue where they left off when they return to the platform.

With new video courses being released regularly, there is always something to interest your clients no matter their trading preferences.


Fundamental indicators

Our suite of indicators are designed to take fundamental information and display the information intuitively.

We focus on data that helps your clients understand market expectations.

One of our unique features is that we extrapolate expectations from actual pricing data.

In other words, we look at where traders are putting their money to tell us what they expect to happen next.

It’s the purest form of sentiment tracking possible.

All of our indicators use premium news and data and update in real-time as prices change.

We also help clients quickly identify when something unexpected occurs against the expectations.

Our indicators make it simple for clients to see these instances so they can react quickly to the opportunity.

All of our analysis and training content demonstrates the process of using our indicators to identify trading opportunities.

This encourages traders to incorporate the indicators into their everyday trading routine.

Our range of indicators and features are expanding constantly and we base all our development on actual client-usage data.

Personalised guidance

Of course, following real trading experts as they navigate live market prices is another huge magnet for retail traders.

This is why traditional trading educators are so popular (and make such great IBs).

Our education platform has this baked in, while also being white labelled to your brokerage brand.

Our experts present as real traders navigating the markets every day.

They have been through the same journey as your average client. They understand the highs and lows of trying to trade.

Many of them are on their own journey towards professional fund management.

In fact, we only hire analysts that have been committed retail traders and truly understand the struggle that most of your clients face.

This understanding helps them create content and explain markets in a way that will resonate with your client base, no matter how diverse.

When Client-Q&A is activated on your system, your clients can communicate with these experts in real-time.

This rapidly creates a bond between client and analyst that encourages repeat usage of the platform.

Because the entire experience is fully white labelled, this also binds the client more closely to your brand.

Our platform includes various methods of communication.

Our real-time video player has a built-in question submission box.

If your clients have a specific question about something happening in the markets during the session, they can quickly ask the analysts and receive a reply.

The reply is sent to their email and appears in their player as a personalised response to their question.

Our live streams player contains a chat box.

When a stream is being broadcast live, your clients can type their questions in and the presenter will reply before the end of the stream.

Each reply is time stamped in the archived recording.

When a client clicks on the question, they will be immediately taken to the point in the recording where that question was answered.

This means that if a client didn’t attend the live event, they can view the recording and answers to the questions that appeal to them effortlessly.

Our trading Q&A video course contains a search bar and question submission box.

Clients can open the course and search for specific topics they are interested in.

This will display all of the videos our team has ever created on that topic, for them to consume on-demand.

In case there is no video on that topic, they can submit it as a question and our experts will create a video explaining that topic.

This will then be emailed to the client and appear within the player itself, as soon as it’s been published.

Finally, we also have our analyst chat.

Clients can open a chat and ask any trading question they like, for a swift reply during the session.

This is where our analysts get to know your clients and regular conversations often develop.

Although we don’t provide trading recommendations we do help clients understand why prices are moving and how we anticipate markets to react next.

We’re also happy for clients to bounce their own trade ideas off us and share our feedback on their analysis.

All of our personalised guidance is exclusively available in our Premium plan.

For brokers with our Business plan, your clients will not be aware of Client-Q&A until you decide to launch it to them.

Proven value

Popular research shows that most retail traders lose money.

Most of them suffer an extremely frustrating existence, trying to make trading work.

Most products promise to end this suffering and lead them to the promised land of riches and consistent trading profits.

Think; courses, indicators, signals, copy trading and so on.

Of course, these results remain elusive even to traders that use those magical tools.

This is a major reason why most brokerage product vendors do not sell (or have never sold) their products directly.

No trader would actually continue paying for them after using them initially.

Another research report showed that the average usage rates of the most widely integrated trading tools, have a usage rate of less than 1%.

In other words, those products are not adding any value to your business and are merely a cost centre.

Our education platform is different.

It’s been carefully designed based on real-world products that have been sold, at scale, to retail traders.

Building and selling these products is what our founding team have specialised in since 2012.

We know what traders want and have generated tens of millions of dollars building it for them.

Financial Source (for brokers) was launched to allow these same products to be integrated into your own offer.

Doing this will significantly increase the perceived value of your brokerage in the eyes of new and existing clients.

We’re constantly developing our education platform around client usage data.

If clients don’t use it, we strip it out. When clients use it regularly we focus hard on making it even more compelling.

Advanced turn-key platform

Our proprietary technology has been built from the ground up to help brokers educate and engage their clients effortlessly.

We know how hard it is for large teams to collaborate to integrate a new product or service.

That’s why we make all of our systems as turn-key as possible.

In fact, you can get set up and start using it without any integration at all.

Of course, the more deeply you do integrate it, the better results you’ll achieve, but we want you to be certain that it works before making any kind of commitment.

Our education platform updates automatically in real-time.

When we launch a new update or add new content, your platform will start displaying it immediately.

We focus on improving the platform over time while you focus on making sure your clients are aware that it’s available.

Customisable content

Everything within the platform is fully customisable too.

This means you can remove any of our native content or even add in unique content of your own.

Perhaps you have your own analyst or trading expert?

Instead of posting random content on websites and landing pages, you can integrate it into our education platform.

This gives your client a seamless learning experience while radically increasing the perceived value of your native content.

Perhaps you have some IBs and affiliates that generate lots of high value content?

Integrate their premium content into your platform so that they can drive clients into a familiar environment while tying access directly to their trading account.

This gives potential IBs a powerful incentive to partner with you over other brokers.

It also provides their introduced clients a strong reason to continue trading with you over the long term.

Everything is easily managed via our education platform and settings can be adjusted for each of your introducing partners.

This also makes things easier for sales teams and IBs who are driving in clients based on specific campaigns.

Our platform allows you to create unique content in the following formats:

Live streams (webinars)

Our system allows you to create a dedicated series around specific themes.

Each series is contained within our proprietary live stream player. They contain a list of upcoming live events and a library of recorded events.

Clients can access the list of live stream series via the education platform under the Training Centre section.

Each series is clearly displayed and can be opened with a click.

When the series is open, clients will be able to toggle between upcoming events and the archive library.

You can customise the style of each series to match your own style and parameters.

There are no limits to the series you can add and they will sit next to our default content or you can choose to hide our default content instead.

If you decide to discontinue a series, the library of recordings will remain in place for future clients to watch back or it can be removed from the platform completely.

Video courses

Video courses work in a similar way to live stream series.

You can upload your course and structure it into logical sections for clients to view on-demand.

Courses can be created on any trading topic and fit in next to our default course content.

As with live streams, you can also select to hide our default content if you prefer.

Courses are a great opportunity to collate your educational material into an easy to navigate environment.

Doing this also increases the perceived value of your content within our education platform.

There is no limit to the number of new courses you can release onto our platform for your clients to consume.


Sometimes a course is not the right format for your videos.

For example, if you want to publish regular videos throughout the day or you post regular videos that do not sequence with each other.

An example of this might be a daily analysis video.

For these types of videos we created our proprietary video player.

You can create a dedicated indicator for each specific topic or content type, or publish all of your videos through a single player.

This indicator can be positioned on a dashboard within the platform.

This allows clients to watch the player through the session as new videos are published.

Dashboards can also be popped out and dragged to dedicated screens. This allows multi-screen clients to stay updated.

Headlines, PDFs, articles

If your team creates written content, it can also be integrated into the education platform.

Depending on the type of content and the regularity it’s released we can create a dedicated indicator to contain it.

As with all indicators, this can be displayed on a dashboard within the platform.

All layouts can be saved by your clients for a fully personalised and customised set up.

All new content is automatically and immediately published to the indicator without any need for the client to manually refresh the page.

This is a great option for regular market news or commentary that your team may produce each day.

It can also be used for trade ideas, analysis and other types of regular content that is published less frequently.

Housing it inside the education platform makes it easier for sales and retention teams to use that content to hook for new and existing clients.

Real-time indicators

Our default indicators help retail traders track market expectations and see market moving events as they occur.

We take raw pricing data and use it to power proprietary models.

These models help us extrapolate and display specific insights contained within that raw data.

For example, we can model interest rate market pricing to extract what markets are expecting to happen next with a country’s interest rate.

We can identify what type of move (hike or cut) and the probability of that move happening.

This information can be used to plan for central bank interest rate meetings and tell clients what type of outcome will move the markets the most.

Options pricing can help us see how far specific assets will move during any upcoming session.

Currency pricing can help us see which currencies will make the best trading pairs for any upcoming session.

There are many more examples of how models can be created to display market expectations.

As a brokerage, you have access to lots of real-time pricing data for hundreds or even thousands of assets.

This data can be plugged into our indicators to provide extra insights that the default versions don’t display.

This can be a powerful and unique hook to your clients.

Another use case is to incorporate existing tools and indicators that you already have into the education platform.

If the vendor supplies an API, we can use this to create indicators from their products that can add to the package of tools that your platform includes.

This gives your brokerage a totally unique combination of tools that no one else has.

FAQs about our education platform

Our education platform is designed to allow personalised Q&A interaction with clients.

They can ask questions and receive replies delivered directly to their email as well as within the platform itself.

This is made scalable by our pricing model.

We charge a per-user fee for every client using the platform with the Q&A features activated.

You can also control which specific clients have access to this via automated rules and manually created access.

This ensures that only revenue generating clients access the Q&A and that you generate more from their account than it costs you to provide.

For all other clients, you can provide full access to the platform without this Q&A element for a simple flat-fee cost.

This allows you to promote the platform to your entire client base in a way that’s compliant-friendly and valuable without the cost increasing.

Your sales, marketing and retention teams can select which clients they offer the extra Q&A functionality to in a way that suits your business.

We have a dedicated team focused on improving the content within our education platform.

This process is based on client usage above all else.

Sometimes features become redundant and our team will identify these instances and work to remove or improve that feature.

This ongoing iterative process ensures that our platform never stands still and is always aligned with the success of your brokerage.


All of our content is educational in nature and we do not provide specific trading recommendations to clients.

It’s been designed in-line with FCA guidance on Financial promotions and inducements.

Regulators actively welcome education when it’s created and delivered in the best interests of the client.

As an independent vendor, we’re incentivised to make all of our content appealing and useful to retail traders.

This generates desire, which is an indirect motivation for them to trade with your brokerage over others.

Because we charge brokers based on client usage (rather than regulated activities such as deposits or trading volumes) there is no conflict of interest.

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