Deliver more value to your clients and amplify your existing team’s impact

Our systems plug in to your team’s workflow and generate actionable business insights.

Measure the impact on your business

Measure the impact on your business

Unlike almost every other vendor in the industry, our focus is on the thing that matters most to your business; getting more clients.

Trading tools are great, until they’re installed in the client portal or your trading platforms and forgotten about.

It’s common knowledge that the average client usage rate of these tools across the biggest brokers is not even 1%.

That means that more than 99% of your clients don’t even use the tools that you’re paying for.

This makes them an expensive (and useless) drain on your revenues.

Our education platform is built in a way that actively helps your sales and marketing teams do their job more effectively.

This is backed up by the ability for our system to generate data insights over time.

For example, our auto-pilot software can automatically track key revenue metrics for each client.

This can be used to automatically unlock our education platform based on whatever metric you decide.

This includes things like account balances and deposit amounts.

Over time, you will generate insights into which clients used our platform, and what the aggregated balance/deposit figures are for these clients over time.

You can compare this information to ensure that the impact of our software remains profitable for your business.

Using these insights can help you adjust the way that your teams use it so that it’s always delivering more value than it costs.

Our quantum system works in a similar manner.

It automatically tracks key account information for each client that your team grants access to.

The education platform itself also encourages ratings and feedback from your clients. This provides a qualitative view of your client-usage.

You can see how many clients have used it and how they rate the platform overall (out of 5 stars) along with their written comments and feedback.

This can also be used to help guide how you promote it to your audiences and how your teams use it to maximise conversions.

Reduce dependence on IBs and affiliates

Reduce dependence on IBs and affiliates

Our software can operate as a standalone system and can be used almost immediately.

The premise of our systems is to help you convert clients directly.

This will help you scale your business faster and have full control over your biggest client acquisition processes.

The main goal of our system is to plug in a premium education platform into your brokerage as a powerful hook for clients.

This instantly increases the value of your brokerage compared to your competitors.

However, our killer feature is the fact that everything is tailored to help your sales/marketing teams use it to increase direct conversions.

The quantum system includes a dedicated lead-gen-site that is pre-built and fully branded to your broker.

This acts as a conversion tool that your marketing team can drive leads (and clients) to with ongoing campaigns.

The site is designed to help clients understand what the education platform is and how it will benefit their trading process.

It’s a comprehensive showcase that includes detailed text, imagery and video explainers of the platform.

Its aim is to encourage visitors to request access to the platform so they can use it in their trading.

These requests generate sales-qualified leads for your sales teams to follow up with.

This flow ensures that each lead fully understands why your team is contacting them and are actively waiting for the discussion.

The auto-pilot system similarly works to help filter clients out and identify the ones that are interested in using the platform.

Your marketing teams will drive traffic directly to the education platform itself.

Once there, the client will be able to view and interact with it, but the most valuable features will appear ‘locked’.

They will then be prompted to either upgrade their account or request access via the sales team.

The platform can be unlocked automatically when the client upgrades their account, because our system can sync with your client-data.

Alternatively, it’s another means of generating sales-qualified leads for your team to follow up with.

Integrating our education platform along with our conversion systems (quantum and auto-pilot) into your marketing and sales work will create a system that can be scaled.

This can be used to engage and convert leads from multiple channels and reduce overall dependence on IBs.

Effortless teamwide integration

Effortless teamwide integration

We understand many of the struggles that brokerage teams face.

One of the main issues is the friction that can commonly occur between marketing and sales teams.

Marketing generates leads but sales complain that they are low quality and won’t convert.

You want marketing to focus on revenue metrics, but they complain that they cannot hit those goals because the sales process is out of their control.

It can be frustrating.

Our system is being constantly innovated with these struggles in mind, by trying to answer the following question:

How can we create a system that the average broker team can implement effortlessly while also syncing the entire flow between marketing and sales teams?

Our solutions assist both marketing and sales teams get on the same page.

Our premium education platform allows your marketing team to build campaigns and drive traffic to a central place of value.

Our system then assists by allowing all those visitors to self-segment themselves into sales-qualified leads.

Your sales team can then follow up to convert each lead with unique offers and deals that can be tested and refined over time.

The key to this process is that all teams understand the context of the entire flow.

Silos are broken down and they can work together with a clear conversion journey that works over and over again.

To make this even easier we designed our system to be as simple to set up as possible.

For example, our quantum system is pre-built from end to end.

Once your team understands how it works, they can begin generating qualified leads on the same day.

Our auto-pilot system does require some integration, but when this is completed by a competent developer, it takes less than 1 hour.

This integration is worth the effort because it allows you to start building up insights into client usage and impact on revenues over time.

Your team will also be assigned a product expert during the onboarding process.

We will be on-hand as your conversion partner to help you and your team get the most from our systems over the long run.

We regularly build improvements to our software based on this close working relationship.

FAQs from founders and executive teams

The software can be integrated very easily and we provide all the training and introductions that your team needs to start using it.

The process provides a logical and natural way for marketing and sales teams to work together in harmony.

We’re also on hand to help with any implementation and ongoing running of the system as required.

Our founding team all started as retail traders themselves. They understand what traders want.

They then built multiple successful businesses in the trading education industry.

Converting retail traders is their speciality.

They also worked as IBs for some of the biggest brokers. We understand this conversion process better than any other vendor.

We saw an opportunity to build products and services to help brokers generate their own clients directly.

These tactics and strategies are what the world’s best IBs and affiliates have been using for decades.

We just help you implement them inside your business, using your existing teams and resources.

Our solutions actively assist with the thing that matters most to your business:

Converting more clients.

Education is widely known to be a powerful tool for engaging retail traders.

Our platform helps you deliver premium education in a white labelled environment. It allows your clients to engage with human experts in real-time.

You can also integrate your own education content along with any existing tools you have into the platform.

This creates extra perceived value for your clients and centralises everything for your sales and marketing campaigns.

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