Generate leads that convert into actively traded accounts

Our core product provides value to retail traders that you can leverage within your lead conversion campaigns.

High value offer

High-value offer

The key to generating leads that convert is in the offer. If your offer isn’t compelling then traders will not convert into actively traded accounts.

Although this sounds simple, actually providing an offer worth investing in is no easy feat.

That’s where our white-labelled education platform comes in.

It delivers premium educational-analysis in real-time and constantly generates high-value content for your clients to consume.

Retail traders that are interested in improving their understanding of the markets will find it highly appealing.

It will also appeal to those traders that want to have regular access to analysis and research of market-moving catalysts.

The platform can be pitched as your own product and an extension of your in-house team.

It also allows clients to interact directly with a team of professional analysts. This includes submitting questions or chats and receiving personalised replies.

Integrating this platform into your own suite of products and services will instantly increase the value of your offer.

It will also allow you to attract a high-quality trading client.

Readymade lead gen site

Readymade lead-gen-site

Our quantum system includes a pre-built website that helps your clients understand the full value of the education platform.

It’s hosted on a fully branded domain that relates to your business. It feels like an extension of your brokerage to visitors.

This site includes text, imagery and videos that provide a detailed explanation of each educational feature.

There are pages dedicated to each feature to provide a comprehensive insight for anyone exploring the platform for the first time.

The site contains a login page that allows the users to access the education platform directly.

This acts as a centralised hub for both your clients and your marketing team.

This, in turn, makes organising your campaigns and promotions so much more effective.

An extra feature of the site is the ability for you to create specialised landing pages.

These pages have the distinct benefit of being on a URL that is not attached to any broker-specific sites.

This can assist with keeping paid ad campaigns active and running on the major platforms.

Sales conversion hooks

Sales conversion hooks

Our system is specifically designed to deliver value to traders on an ongoing basis.

This value can then be offered to your audience to compliment their trading account with you.

The final step is to sync this with your existing sales team.

Our system helps with this by allowing you to generate high-quality sales-qualified leads.

This provides context to the process so that each lead has a desire in place that the sales team can connect with.

Without this process, your sales team will simply be contacting generic leads that, in most cases, won’t even remember how they opted in or why they are being contacted.

When contacting leads generated with the assistance of our systems they will be working with high-intent leads.

This will improve conversion rates and deliver the type of leads that every sales team craves.

FAQs about our impact on your lead generation


You’ll have access to your own dedicated conversion expert. They are on hand to assist with any paid ad campaigns you’re running.

Our system is also set up to help you improve the conversion of your paid advertising campaigns.

We suggest a model that delivers retargeting campaigns to existing audiences for maximum impact.

Our software-based systems (quantum and auto-pilot) do not assist with generating organic traffic.

Our enterprise consulting services do.

We can help you design and implement a strategy or even execute it on your behalf.

All of our consulting projects have clear outcome based goals and milestones.


It’s specifically designed to assist with generating sales-qualified leads for your sales team to follow up with.

When you start onboarding with us, you will be assigned a dedicated product expert.

They will help you get everything set up and understand how to integrate our systems into your existing sales/marketing processes.

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