Improve your conversion rates without long-winded approval processes

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A conversion tool that works

A conversion tool that works

Conveying a unique selling point to prospects is one of the most important elements of conversion.

Actually coming up with a USP for your marketing and sales campaigns is also notoriously difficult.

The online-trading brokerage business has gradually become commoditized over time.

Many of the old features and benefits used to attract clients are now expected as ‘standard’.

Things like low commissions or zero spreads, or fast customer service, or instant deposits and withdrawals.

None of these can be used as an effective hook because almost every competitor offers them.

That’s where our white labelled education platform comes in.

According to a popular study, over 71% of retail traders pay for some form of trading education during their journey.

You probably already know that ‘education’ is one of the most effective ways to deliver extra value to your clients.

If you have an IB programme, you’re also probably aware that almost every successful IB sells education to their audience.

It’s a proven product that demonstrates authority and builds trust with potential clients.

This is the ‘secret’ behind how IBs are such reliable sources of live account trading clients.

Those clients love their training, trust their authority and respond when they recommend a specific broker.

We help you integrate this process directly into your brokerage without the IBs or affiliates.

Most brokers find it extremely difficult to create education content that is good enough to actually build the same levels of trust with clients.

This is simply because most broker teams have never traded themselves and experienced life as a retail trader.

The content they create is often generic and bland.

Quite simply, it doesn’t contribute to the acquisition or retention of actively trading clients.

Our education platform is different.

It’s based on real-world products that have been sold directly to retail traders since 2012.

Products that have generated tens of millions of dollars in direct sales.

It’s been refined over years of usage by thousands of traders.

This makes it an effective conversion tool.

Unite marketing and sales teams

Unite marketing and sales teams

Our system has been refined for marketing and sales teams of CFD brokers.

Crucially, it helps sales and marketing stay on the same page and sync up on client conversion.

It not only delivers value to clients but it also assists you with explaining that value and using it as a hook to generate live accounts, deposits and sales-qualified leads.

Our auto-pilot system automatically filters clients and unlocks the education platform when they perform required actions.

These actions can include account upgrades, deposits or maintaining account balances.

Alternatively, you can direct clients to completing an access-request form which creates a sales-qualified lead for your team to follow up with.

You can set up automated email marketing campaigns that drive targeted traffic to the product and let our software do the rest.

The more campaigns you create, the more new clients it will generate over time.

Our quantum system works in a similar manner.

It includes a pre-built lead-gen-site that you can use in your existing campaigns.

The site does all the heavy lifting of explaining the value of the education platform. It contains detailed text, imagery and video descriptions.

This helps each visitor understand the value of the platform to their regular trading routine.

When a visitor wants to access the education platform they can easily submit an access request form, from on the lead-gen-site itself.

This delivers a steady stream of qualified leads for your sales team to close.

This naturally helps sales and marketing sync up and understand the context behind every new lead that’s generated.

The leads themselves also welcome the discussion with sales because they desire access to the education platform.

Readymade templates included

Readymade templates included

We’re not just a software company.

We’re experts in client-conversion and will work directly with both marketing and sales teams to assist with implementation.

We can suggest powerful campaign ideas and offers and deals that can be used to great effect by the sales team.

Your team will have a dedicated conversion expert on hand whenever you need them.

We also supply readymade templates to help you get started with your first conversions as quickly as possible.

These include, email sequences, website banners and other resources that can help your campaigns.

FAQ from marketing and sales teams

We suggest a combination of automated email sequences with regular dynamic campaigns each month.

The automated campaigns should deliver a targeted message whenever a client performs a specific action.

This can include things like downloading a trading platform, clicking an email link or visiting a page about trading education.

The sequence should then relate to the action they just performed and sequence them into learning more about the education platform that you provide.

As you generate more traffic, this will naturally keep a steady stream of sales-qualified leads flowing through.

To maximise the impact of our education platform we also suggest running dynamic campaigns.

These are usually based around key events being covered by our analyst team on the platform.

Perhaps they are preparing a trading plan for an upcoming risk event, or conducting a special webinar series around a current market-moving concept.

Promoting this to your audiences as they happen can generate extra curiosity and make sure that everyone is aware of the platform and how it can benefit them.

There are many other types of campaigns that you can also run.

These include paid advertising, retargeting and social media.

The more effort you put into driving traffic through our system, the more conversions you’ll enjoy.

When you begin onboarding we will create your system and account.

This includes a full demo of how to start using the product and ongoing support in case you have any questions along the way.

You’ll be able to log in and test the product out until you’re confident in how it works.

You’ll also have three months to use it fully with no commitment. You can test various strategies for implementing the systems into your current work flows.

Initial onboarding usually takes 48 hours.

Setting up auto-pilot will depend on the availability of your development team. The integration itself is fairly swift and should take a competent developer under an hour.

Quantum is designed to be standalone and not require any deep integrations.

The lead-gen-site will be created and the demo will be delivered within the initial onboarding process (as your team is available).

You can then begin testing some campaigns immediately.

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