Sync lead-gen with sales teams to radically improve conversion

Marketing teams use our systems to create engaging campaigns, reduce cost-per-lead, and keep sales teams happy.

Attracting and Converting Traders

Traders are constantly seeking top-quality education, and our system empowers you to develop campaigns that attract these traders to your brokerage.

A report from the World Federation of Exchanges indicates that 73% of retail traders invest in trading education.

Creating and sustaining premium trading education can be a challenging and time-consuming task for marketing teams.

We help you deliver retail-trader-approved education in a white-label environment.

All that is required from your end is to direct your clients towards it.

When embedded into your marketing initiatives, this value-driven approach is highly effective in converting new leads into clients.

We provide campaign templates to expedite this process for your team.

These templates guide you in creating campaigns that transition clients smoothly from an advertisement to the education platform.

You don’t need to be a trading expert to hook new leads, as our conversion experts are available to assist you in choosing the most engaging market events for your campaigns.

Our system includes a dedicated, branded URL, making it easy to run ads that comply with all major platforms.

Your landing pages will be associated with high-quality educational products and analysis, rather than brokerage-specific items.

This strategy helps to maintain campaign continuity without the frequent disruptions that many brokers face.

Our education platform also generates a plethora of concepts to attract new clients, such as:

  • Trading plans for upcoming significant market events
  • Real-time video explanations during major market shifts
  • Video tutorials on how financial markets function and why prices fluctuate
  • Daily trade ideas for future sessions
  • Personalised advice and feedback via chat, email, and video replies
  • Indicators to help traders track market expectations in real time

We continually update and expand our content and indicators.

Our conversion team also creates new templates and cheat sheets based on these updates to aid in your campaign creation process.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

We understand the difficulties brokers encounter when coordinating sales and marketing teams.

It can often be an uphill battle to satisfy sales teams and generate conversions consistently.

Campaigns can become compartmentalised, and results can be increasingly challenging to achieve.

Our system enables you to craft campaigns that align seamlessly with your existing sales teams.

The quantum system serves as a traffic and lead filter, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

A good starting campaign can be using an email to drive traffic from your existing lead database to the conversion site.

The email will clearly outline what the education platform offers and how clients can access it.

A click on these emails indicates a high level of interest.

When a potential client lands on the conversion site and requests access to the educational materials, a qualified lead is created and forwarded to the sales team for follow-up.

This approach results in a higher number of conversions and an improved perception of lead quality.

For brokers without a sales team, our auto-pilot software manages the conversion stage automatically.

Traffic can be directed to the education platform (typically within the client portal), and the software will automatically grant access based on your preset rules.

Quick and Independent Deployment

Marketing teams often encounter obstacles in gaining approval and executing projects within their brokerage business.

Even after convincing decision-makers of the value of a new tool, integrating it into your systems can be a slow and frustrating process.

To circumvent these issues, we developed the quantum system.

It allows brokerage teams to use it immediately, with no contracts or commitments for 3-months.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can simply cancel and stop using it.

This approach accelerates the decision-making process as the system is judged on results rather than as an additional business cost.

Quantum is designed to operate independently, allowing you to sign up, launch your first campaign, and convert your first clients all in a single day.

You can also glean basic insights from these conversions, such as the average deposit and account balance of clients using our platform.

This information can be used to assess the impact on the business’s bottom line.

Our team offers a full demo of the system during your onboarding process and aims to get your assets up and running on the same day.

We continue to work with your team during and after the onboarding process to ensure you fully benefit from our products.

FAQs about how we assist CFD marketing teams


You’ll be assigned a dedicated product expert. They will talk to you to understand your use case and requirements.

In fact, you’ll have access to our entire team inside Slack. This allows us to communicate quickly and get the system up and running immediately.

If we don’t help your marketing team convert more clients then we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.


We have campaign templates and can also work with your existing ideas for running paid traffic.

The main principle is that you’re offering retail traders something that they desire (education and trade ideas) which makes converting them easier.

Our experts will work with your marketing team to craft some campaigns that have been proven and can be tested with your audience.

We can assist with SEO through our enterprise consulting service.

If you’re looking to scale up content marketing we can assist with everything from strategy to the actual production of high-quality content that ranks.

We’ve even helped brokers create dedicated mini-brands for client conversion.

The quantum and auto-pilot systems are not suited for SEO. They are designed to help you convert existing leads that need extra attention.

We recommend using them in-line with retargeting existing traffic and email marketing campaigns to your existing database.

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