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Business Plan
For ambitious brokers that want to rapidly deliver more value to their clients.
What's included:
Premium Plan
For advanced brokers that want to provide the highest-level client experience.
(inc. £5,000 Q&A credits pm)
What's included:
Enterprise Consulting
For sophisticated brokers that want first-class service and bespoke solutions
Custom pricing
We'll deliver:
  • Retainer-based engagements
  • Fixed-price projects
  • Full conversion-system overhaul
  • Customised software deployment
  • Bespoke strategy design consulting
  • Professional done-for-you services
  • Tailored team-training events

FAQs about our pricing model

It allows your clients to interact directly with a professional team of analysts in multiple formats inside our education platform.

They can submit questions from any video or course and receive a video reply via email.

They can talk to the analyst team in real-time via chat messenger from inside the platform.

They can also ask questions during live webinars and receive instant replies from the presenters.

The entire experience is white-labelled to your brokerage. It builds a strong relationship with the client and your brand.

It also gives your sales team a natural way to onboard new clients and keep them engaged beyond the account opening stage.

They can simply hand them off to the analyst-team who will interact with them personally every day.

It’s the highest level service you can offer to your clients.

If client-Q&A is not activated then everything in the education platform is available to view but they cannot interact with the analyst team.

Almost everything in the education platform is still available to your clients.

They can view all of the live streams and archived recordings.

They can watch all of our daily video trade ideas in real-time as they are published, along with all historical videos.

They can consume all of our video course content on-demand as they prefer.

They can use all of our real-time indicators fully without any restrictions.

The only thing that cannot do is interact directly with our analyst team. They cannot submit questions and they cannot send chat messages to them.

Their access is simply ‘view-only’ across the education platform.

For our business plan there is a limit of 1,000 clients and premium has a limit of 3,000 clients.

These limits are designed so that the average large CFD broker will never hit them.

They only count active users of the education platform, rather than active clients of the brokerage.

If you do breach your limit of non-Q&A clients accessing the education platform, we will charge a small overage fee.

The overage fee is currently £0.50 per client, per month.

The overage fee is only charged for each client over and above the limit.

We also do not charge any overages during your initial 3-month trial.

This allows you to see exactly how the pricing will be, based on your clients usage, without any risk.

With our premium plan you can upgrade specific clients so that they can access Q&A within the education platform.

This allows them to submit questions, receive personalised answers and open real-time chats with our team of professional analysts.

Because of the personalised nature of the Q&A feature, we charge separately for access to it.

You can manually select clients and give them access to the Q&A.

You can also create an automated rule to automatically give access based on pre-set criteria.

For example, all clients with an account balance over $X.

We charge for each upgrade using a system of ‘credits’.

1 credit = 1-month of Q&A access

Each credit is valued at £99 each.

The premium plan includes £5,000 worth of credits, per month.

We use the credits system to allow you to provide 1-month of access in the most flexible way possible.

For example:

Giving 1 client 1-month access = 1 credit

Giving 30 clients 1-day access each = 1 credit

Giving 1 client 12-month access = 12 credits

There are almost unlimited ways to provide 1-month of access to your clients.

Using credits allows you to offer different access deals to different clients based on their value to your business.

Some clients might prefer a 1-day trial with Q&A before deciding whether they want to use it more.

Other clients might be tempted to increase their first-time-deposit in exchange for 1-week of Q&A access, and so on.

By using a credits system, you’re able to generate more interest across a wider base of clients without breaching your available credits.

This helps you avoid using an entire credit on a client that is lower value while still having a facility to convert them.

Credits do not roll over into the next month. Instead, they simply re-set at the start of each month.

If you go over your included credits during a month, we will charge an overage fee of £99 per extra credit used for that month.

Our system helps you clearly track your credit-usage in real-time and we also make you aware as soon as you go over your included credits.

This ensures you stay in control of costs at all times and never get any surprise invoices.

Our education platform comes in any single language, as standard.

Each additional language is a flat fee of £1,499 per month and allows an additional 1,000 non-Q&A clients in that language.

We also offer language bundles for a reduced flat fee. We can create a customised bundle pricing for multiple languages during your onboarding.

Q&A access can be given to any client in any of your included languages using our standard credit-based system.

If you go over your included credits during any month, you will be charged the standard overage fee of £99 per extra credit, regardless of language.

Quantum is a version of our education platform that operates as a stand-alone software system.

It helps marketing and sales teams generate sales-qualified leads.

There is no integration required and everything can be set up in a single day.

Quantum requires dedicated marketing campaigns that drive traffic to the platform on a regular basis.

For best results, your marketing campaigns should focus on promoting it to your warm audiences.

We can provide assistance, templates, and resources for your marketing team to use, as required.

You can learn more about how quantum works here.

Auto-pilot is a version of our education platform that can be integrated into your client portal, trading platforms or website.

It automatically identifies each client and locks or unlocks the content based on specific rules that you create ahead of time.

This can be used to encourage account upgrades and retention.

It can be used to scale up efforts of existing sales teams or even operate without them.

You have full control over which clients have access to ensure profitability of the system.

Some brokers keep it unlocked for all clients equally, while others reserve it only for their highest-value accounts.

Auto-pilot is most effective when your marketing team creates ongoing campaigns to drive your warm traffic to it.

You can learn more about how auto-pilot works here.

When you begin the onboarding process we will assign a dedicated product-expert to your account.

They’re not just an account manager.

They are an expert in retail-trader conversion and our specific product systems. They can help you identify bottlenecks and issues.

They will work with you to make sure that you can get started with our systems as quickly as possible.

You can join them in our dedicated slack channel, where you can contact them at any time for guidance or support.

They are also there to help with things like campaign templates and ideas for how your brokerage can get the most out of our systems.

We work as part of your team to help you solve your biggest conversion challenges.

When we fully understand your requirements we will provide a proposal with a clear and simple pricing structure.

The format will be unique to your business and depend on the outcome we’re trying to achieve

This ensures that we only work with brokers that are serious about improving their conversion strategy and have the resources to execute.

You can learn more about how our consulting services work here.

We allow 3-months paid usage of our Business plan and Premium plan, with no commitment.

We’ll help you get up and running quickly with our products. You can then use it fully for 3 months within your business.

You can cancel the product at any time without notice, during the 3-month trial period.

If you do not cancel, a 12-month service agreement will automatically trigger at the end of the initial 3-month period.

If you decide to cancel, the 12-month service agreement will not be triggered and your access to the products will end on the final day of your initial 3-month period.

This ensures that you can continue using the product without disruption beyond the trial.

Payment for our systems is charged quarterly, in advance.

We take all payments by direct-debit or card payment. Invoices are automatically sent when each payment is successfully triggered.

Q&A access overages are invoiced separately each month and payments are taken 7-days later.

We also send out notifications immediately as you incur any overage. This gives you full control over costs.

You will receive itemised invoices for every payment at the same time as the payment is taken.

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