Receive unlimited
lifetime commissions

Introduce new brokers to us before they sign up. You get 10% commission. They get £5,000 in credits.

Who it's for

Brokerage employees or consultants

Do you work inside a broker? Are you about to move to a new one?

Increase your income and help improve your team’s conversion rate.

Industry professionals with strong networks

Do you have strong relationships with key decision makers in CFD brokerage businesses?

Grow your passive income and industry reputation by recommending proven products that get results.

Brokerage suppliers with existing relationships

Do you supply CFD brokerage businesses with products and services?

Increase your revenues from existing partners for as long as they remain our customer.

Referral FAQs


We will only pay one referral fee for each brokerage that subscribes to our product packages.

Usually this will work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, but can be structured in any way that all parties agree.


There is no limit on how many brokers you can introduce.

You will receive your commissions for each one, regardless of how many you bring to us.

This can compound your commissions over time.

The brokerage you introduce can immediately claim their £5,000 credit.

This credit offsets all or some of the initial cost of using any of our products or services.

When the credit is used up, they will continue to be charged as normal.

We pay your commission from the fees we charge the broker.

Their costs are no different than if they signed up without any introduction.


There is no requirement for you to do anything.

Helping the broker adopt our product into their workflow has the obvious benefit of retaining them as a paying customer for longer.

The longer they stay, the longer you receive commissions.

If you wish to assist with that process, you can, but you’ll be paid your commissions regardless.

All commissions are tied to each payment we receive from the business you introduce.

You will receive your 10% within 30 days of the payment being made to us.

If the broker fails to pay, you won’t receive any commission for that payment.

Contact us in advance of the broker signing up and we’ll connect you to their account.

We cannot process commissions on brokers that have already started using our product.

If the introduced business cancels our service and stops paying us, you will no longer receive any commissions linked to their account.

If we independently reactivate the broker 90-days or longer after their cancellation, you will not receive any ongoing commissions.

If we independently reactivate the broker within 90-days of their cancellation request, you’ll continue to receive your ongoing commissions with every payment.

If you directly assist with the reactivation at any point after the cancellation, you will continue to receive your ongoing commissions.


The spirit of our referral programme is to encourage and reward genuine introductions.

If you find us directly, that means our marketing team has done the job instead of an unrelated third-party.

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