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Retention teams use our system to offer clients exclusive deals and VIP access to build trust and loyalty.

Creating proactive offers

Creating proactive offers

A proactive offer refers to the provision of something valuable to a client that goes beyond their expectations, anticipating their needs or desires.

While many retention teams focus only on clients who have already stopped trading, this approach, in isolation, is a mistake.

Engaging with clients and offering special benefits while they are still active can be a highly effective retention strategy.

When clients feel valued and receive genuinely useful perks, they have a compelling reason to remain with your business.

The first step in this process is to establish the value of the product in the client’s mind.

For instance, if you have different account tiers, you can include access to our education platform in the top tier.

By linking access to the platform with the VIP account, which typically requires a balance of $50,000 USD, you create a perceived value in the client’s mind.

Account managers can then offer special incentives to active clients on lower account tiers.

They can reward these clients with upgraded access to the platform for a lower minimum balance.

Such offers strengthen the bond between the client and your brokerage.

It also naturally increases key metrics like average deposit, account balance and trading volume.

Alternatively, account managers can reach out to clients who are experiencing losses and offer extra education and engagement with professional analysts.

This assistance is particularly appreciated when clients are struggling with their trading.

The platform looks and feels like your own and is completely white labelled.

Additionally, offers can be extended to inactive clients as an attempt to reactivate them.

There are no limits to the types of offers you can make or the structures they can follow.

Brokerages that have achieved the most success with our product typically experiment with various offers and optimise them based on client response.

When the platform’s value is effectively anchored, clients will perceive significant benefits.

To further assist with this, our system allows you to provide trial access to clients.

This enables them to explore the product before deciding whether to unlock full access for prolonged trading.

Encouraging clients to utilise the platform’s personal engagement elements is another effective strategy.

They can engage in real-time chats with our team of analysts and even submit specific questions to receive personalised replies via email.

(Only on our premium engagement package)

Of course, access can be made conditional on desired actions or metrics, such as deposits, account balance, or monthly trading volumes.

Deposits are often the most effective metric as they closely align with revenue and are easily understandable for clients.

Many brokers combine offers and access rules to demonstrate the value of the product while customising their offerings.

Your team will have access to our dedicated product experts who possess decades of experience in converting retail traders.

We can also provide insights into the retention strategies currently working for brokers.

We will guide you through optimising your offers or even assist in creating entirely new concepts from scratch.

Moreover, we offer ready-made templates that your entire team can immediately utilise to enhance client retention.

Maintaining Client Relationships

Maintaining Client Relationships

Retaining clients becomes significantly easier when you build strong relationships with them.

One way to achieve this is by consistently offering valuable, personalised content.

Our education platform is equipped to create continuous content every day.

This covers various aspects of trading such as market news, commentary, trade ideas, and livestreams.
It also includes a variety of indicators to help traders swiftly interpret and respond to changing market expectations.

Your team can utilise this resource to help clients appreciate the platform’s value.

For instance, a daily email presenting the day’s strongest and weakest currencies can assist traders in pairing the most promising currencies.

Likewise, timely reminders for live streaming of trading plans for upcoming economic events can also be helpful.

This consistent engagement educates clients about their daily focus areas and eliminates the need for your team to be trading experts, thus reducing the risk of incorrect information.

The pre-produced content can simply be repurposed and presented as the insights from your own team of professional analysts.

To further streamline this process, we offer complete campaign templates that can be semi-automatically sent out to your client database on a weekly or daily basis.

Our platform also features a Q&A engagement function, which allows clients to ask questions and interact directly with a team of trading experts.

Answers can be communicated through instant messages, emails, or even video formats, as needed.

This consistent guidance can enhance client retention.

Many clients form bonds with the analyst team, incorporating it into their daily routines.

Offering a team of trading experts to clients is a unique and highly beneficial strategy that most brokers struggle to deliver.

The continuous stream of content, guidance, and personalised feedback contribute to stronger retention processes within your existing team.

Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance

Our platform is primarily designed to educate and guide your clients.

It helps them understand the factors affecting price movements and how to confidently prepare and trade future market shifts.

Regulators appreciate this value-delivery model and view it positively when brokers offer it to their clients.

The key compliance consideration is how you provide access to the platform.

For global clients, direct incentives to access the platform, such as deposit requirements or minimum account balances, tend to be effective.

These incentives can be targeted at existing clients with potential for account upgrades.

For clients in on-shore jurisdictions, a more indirect approach is required.

For example, including the education platform as a feature in your top-tier trading account.

You can inform clients that access to the platform comes free with this account tier, giving them the option to explore and upgrade to it.

This indirect approach aligns with regulatory restrictions such as the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) guidance on inducements and financial promotion guidance.

It enables your team to promote the client education platform instead of the brokerage or specific regulated activities such as depositing or placing trades.

Clients who are interested in the product and understand its alignment with your brokerage services can independently open or upgrade their accounts.

These features enable retention teams to build robust relationships with active clients and provide a compelling proposition to re-engage inactive clients.

FAQs about how we help CFD brokers retain clients


Regulators actively encourage brokers to educate and deliver genuine value to clients.

Our platform helps you do this effortlessly.

We have templates and cheat sheets that your teams can use to make sure their offers remain compliant with regulatory guidance on inducement.

We can also work closely with your compliance team to ensure they are fully happy with every aspect of our platform before it’s deployed to clients.

It is possible, yes.

We allow brokers to add their own content to our platform. This is good for things like webinars and videos.

When you include your own content, you can legitimately say that the product is unique to your broker.

We can assist with this process and make sure that your offer is unique while remaining high quality.

We’ve been converting retail traders successfully since 2013. We’ve also worked with many brokers facing the same challenges.

As we find the best solution, we standardise it into a template or a cheat sheet that you can use with your own teams.

These include things like email sequences to maximise open rates and click throughs.

They include one-page sheets to help retention teams quickly see and use the most appropriate offer, based on their client they are talking to.

For example, the offer to a client that is losing money will be very different to the one made to someone trading profitably, but on a small account.

Targeting offers based on client circumstances is one of the most effective ways to improve retention.

If your team is facing a new challenge, we will work with you to solve it and then create resources for future teammates to use.

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