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Sales teams use our system to offer clients product access in exchange for account upgrades or deposits.

Create a valuable USP

Create a valuable USP

Our system works best when our offer is anchored to one of your high-value account products.

Sales teams can do this in numerous ways.

Including our education platform within the top tier account levels is a good way to indirectly encourage clients towards opening a larger account.

If this is visible across your main website, it anchors the value effectively for the client.

It also lets them see that the value of the product really is what you say, which builds trust in your conversations.

Once the client understands the value you can make customised offers based on each client’s unique situation.

Of course, negotiating with global clients is slightly different to onshore clients, but the principles remain effective,

If a global client is considering a first-time deposit, you can offer them access to the product for a limited period of time if they increase their deposit.

Or, if the client is suffering losses, it would be a great opportunity to jump in and offer them access to the high-value education platform.

For onshore clients, less-direct offers can be made.

For example, if the client shows an interest in using the platform they can be offered it as part of a lower account level.

It’s then up to them to explore the account types and proceed to opening one in order to meet the criteria.

Another option is to hide the education platform from your main website completely.

This can make it feel exclusive.

When talking to a client you can tell them about the platform and demonstrate the benefits it gives to traders.

Then you can explain that it’s only normally reserved for your VIP clients on an invite-only basis.

This similarly allows you to build up the value.

The client will be able to see that the platform is not available on any of the websites while at the same time seeing it exists via your demo.

This again will build trust in your offer while increasing desire for the product.

Customised offers can then be made to each individual client as you see fit.

We recommend testing various offers and strategies until you find the most effective ones for your client base.

Talk to truly qualified leads

Talk to truly qualified leads

One of the most popular features of our software is how it assists with the generation of qualified leads.

As a sales person you understand the huge difference between a lead and a qualified lead.

Generic leads are unaware of why you’re contacting them and this can lead to poor conversion rates.

Qualified leads on the other hand are usually expecting you to contact them and welcome the discussion.

Our quantum system includes a white-laballed lead-gen-site that is designed to convert traffic into qualified leads.

We generate the dedicated website on a fully branded URL.

All you need to do is direct clients to the website as you talk to them.

The site explains how our education platform helps traders to understand markets and generate high-conviction trade ideas.

It contains text and video descriptions of the education platform in detail.

It also describes the benefits that traders will experience when they start trading with the content and indicators contained within the platform.

When a client visits the site and wants to access the education platform, they can request it by clicking a button on the site.

This request will ask the client to submit their contact information, and let them know that a representative will be in touch to create their account.

The client receives an email to confirm their submission and your sales team also receives an email notification.

This creates a qualified lead ready for you to contact.

This gives you a clear hook to discuss with the client and a reason for them to welcome your contact.

If the client meets the conditions you set for accessing the platform, you can quickly generate their access via our software.

The client receives an email instantly to let them know that their account is ready to use.

They can use the link in that email to create their password and will be immediately redirected to the education platform as soon as they created it.

Their login details will continue to work forever.

The only thing that changes when they lose access is that the indicators and training widgets will be locked and unavailable to view.

When the access expires our software will prompt the client to request an access extension.

These requests generate new opportunities for your sales team to follow up and contact the client.

This can significantly increase key metrics such as average client lifetime and average account value.

This system also works with clients that you may already be talking to.

You can share your screen and demo the education platform to the client.

They don’t need to visit the sales site first to generate a request.

If they are ready to start using it immediately, and meet the requirements you set, you can instantly give them access while still on the call!

Everything will work immediately and they can start using it right away.

This can be particularly effective with clients that need an extra incentive to continue trading with your brokerage.

Ensuring that each client knows how to request more access is another way to keep the qualified leads flowing.

Mentioning this on every call can increase bottom line metrics over time.

Customise your offers

Customise your offers

Regardless of which product package you subscribe to, we strongly recommend making all client access conditional.

Communicating an offer that is clear, easy to understand and simple for the client to participate in will improve conversion rates.

Each client is unique and at a different stage of their journey with your brokerage.

Here are some scenarios that can be used to make a compelling offer to your clients:

Traders that have recently deposited for the first time

This can be a fantastic opportunity to provide your client with extra value they were not expecting.

If their deposit amount was significant, you can offer them free access to the analyst-desk for a month as a ‘thank you’ for their business.

This gesture will improve retention and give you a great opportunity to follow up with them in a month to talk about extending access.

If the deposit amount was small, you can offer the client full access in exchange for a slightly higher amount.

This could be a one-time offer to encourage them to take action.

Some of our customers have used this tactic to double or even triple their average first time deposit rate within a matter of months.

Traders that have enquired about a specific account type

If your brokerage offers different account types, you can use these enquiries as a great opportunity to upsell.

Offering them extended access to the platform in exchange for an upgrade to a higher account level, can work well.

Another tactic is to offer exclusive access in exchange for a slightly higher deposit amount.

This way you can generate the ‘maximum’ deposit amounts for each account level rather than the ‘minimums’.

Traders that have been losing (on demo or live)

Traditionally, when clients are losing money, it can be challenging to conduct a sales call with them.

Even if it’s only on a demo account, the appetite to risk real money can be greatly reduced.

However, when you have the offer of premium education, the conversion is very different.

Your clients will appreciate your offer and will be extremely interested in solutions that can help them improve their confidence.

Offering access to the education platform for a reduced deposit or account balance will also serve to build trust and help with retention.

Offering education at the right time can radically improve the conversion rates of your sales calls.

Traders that have been winning on demo

Perhaps one of the most popular tactics of broker sales teams is to contact traders when they are winning on demo.

It makes perfect sense and taps into the positive emotions that traders will be feeling.

Having a suite of educational analysis to sweeten the deal with can be a game-changer.

Traders that are on a high will appreciate additional tools and products to help them generate high-conviction trade ideas.

Our platform helps them with this every day, throughout the day, in a variety of formats.

Showing clients these features can often be enough to encourage your clients to increase their deposit amount or upgrade to a higher level account type.

Traders that have recently lost access to the education platform

Offering extended access is another simple but effective sales strategy.

The clients have already used the education platform and now their access has expired.

When their access expires, an effective tactic is to wait until a market-moving event is being covered inside the education platform.

This could be a perfect opportunity to reach out to the client and offer to reactivate their access in time to catch the analysis.

These clients can be contacted again and again as they integrate the platform into their daily trading routine.

Of course, there are many more possible scenarios, but when you tailor your pitch around each one, you’ll have improved conversions.

An automated email sequence can be created to trigger when any client matches a scenario.

If the client clicks or responds to the email, this can be a great opportunity to follow up and help them learn more about the education platform.

Some teams display the education platform as an option on their main website. It’s usually tied to the top level account that they offer.

Other teams don’t display or mention the platform at all.

Instead, they communicate it through email campaigns and on-on-one sales calls with individual clients.

Both methods allow you to frame the education platform as a high-value product that is only provided exclusively to certain clients.

With this positioning anchored in the client’s mind, you’re free to make special offers based on each specific scenario.

These exclusive offers will feel customised because they are.

And it’s this feeling of exclusivity that will help clients make the decision in favour of your brokerage.

Expert conversion assistance

Expert conversion assistance

We’ve converted retail-traders directly into products and helped numerous sales teams optimise their own conversion flows.

We understand the retail trader conversion cycle better than most.

When you subscribe to our software systems, you’ll also have access to our own team of client-conversion experts.

We will work with your marketing teams to help them run ongoing campaigns that will generate qualified leads for you to follow up with.

Our education platform is at the centre of everything. It generates the value that retail traders crave.

Our systems help you leverage that value to foster the outcomes that help sales teams hit their targets.

We can provide templates, training and guidance to your sales team in as much detail as you require.

Our goal is to help you generate results with our software.

We’ll work with you tirelessly to optimise your campaign structure and work-flows until you have a reliable source of qualified leads.

FAQs about how we assist CFD broker sales teams

Our system can be used by a single agent or all of your agents. There’s no limit.
The more you integrate it into your marketing strategy the more qualified leads you will generate.

This will impact how many sales agents you need.

We strongly recommend ongoing campaigns that ensure a constant flow of traffic to the product.

Automated email campaigns that trigger based on specific actions are one great way to start.

Another effective tactic is to run retargeting ads to existing clients and leads to make them aware of the product and its benefits to their trading.

Sales teams should also be briefed on how to pitch it to specific client-types when they feel it’s appropriate.

Our conversion experts will assist your teams with this process. We can suggest ideas and provide templates for each campaign-type.

The more automated traffic campaigns you set up, the more leads you’ll generate on an ongoing basis.

These will continue to drive new leads without any extra management.

The main benefit of our system is that it also increases the quality of lead rather than just the volume.

Of course, specific results will vary for each business but if you have an existing sales/marketing team, you will notice the impact.

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