Our Story

Financial Source (for brokers) was launched in 2023 to address the client-conversion challenges faced by CFD brokers.

But our story begins way back in 2012.

Our founder operated an FCA regulated managed account program, targeting professional investors.

In 2012, one of his investors approached him with a proposal.

The investor owned one of the world’s most well-known Forex trading websites and had a very large audience of retail traders.

He wanted to create a trading-education product to sell to that audience.

A deal was soon struck, and a JV company was launched to build the new products.

The education business was the perfect add-on to the existing investment business.

Retail traders were keen to learn from a professional trader actively managing money.

The business was launched using a huge network of affiliates.

Our founder also became one of the very first ‘trading-influencers’ on YouTube, attracting a huge audience of followers.

The team continued working with these affiliates after the launch and became familiar with the conversion model they all used.

It was replicated by the team in their own education business.

Part of the model was converting retail traders into trading accounts at partner brokers.

The education business generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The key to all of this was in understanding how to help retail traders achieve their goals.

This comes mainly through education and tools designed to help them trade better.

Over the years, these products were refined and improved.

When a new product was created, it was immediately launched to an audience of active traders to purchase.

This was the ultimate test of the products.

If traders found no value in them, the launch flopped, and very little revenue was generated.

If they loved it, the launch generated tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue over a few short days.

This process helped the team truly understand what retail traders want and how to deliver it to them in the most effective way possible.

When our founder retired from professional trading in 2018, the education arm naturally closed with it.

Over the years we have met and talked to many established brokers.

We have strong relationships with many founders, owners, and executive teams.

We realise that one of their biggest challenges is finding clients for their business.

Attracting retail traders and converting them into a live account is no easy feat.

To make matters worse, online brokerage has become commoditized in almost every way.

Every single broker boasts the same value.

Low spreads, no commissions, good customer support, fast deposits/withdrawals, recognized trading platforms, and so on…

Retail traders no longer view these things as valuable features. They expect to have them as standard.

Standing out has never been more difficult.

We also noticed the current solutions to these issues can be frustrating for brokers.

The go-to strategy is to build a web of affiliates.

This solves the problem of clients but it also means dealing with the IBs and paying away most of the profits.

Another popular tactic is to offer clients ‘trading tools’ as part of your trading accounts.

Unfortunately, popular research indicates that retail traders don’t actually use these tools at all.

A usage rate of less than 1% was reported across all the brokers surveyed.

These tools are not built in the same environment. They’ve never generated any revenue from direct-paying users.

This has a tangible impact on the quality and usefulness of those products from the perspective of a trader.

They generate initial interest that rarely leads to long-term usage.

These types of products feel like they’re adding value to your brokerage but in reality, they are simply a drain on costs.

We recognised a huge opportunity to solve these issues better than all of the current solutions.

Our products are built to deliver proven value to retail traders.

We’ve proven this value by selling these products to traders, directly over many years.

That allows us to align our entire business model with your brokerage business.

We only win if our products actively assist with converting and retaining high-value clients to your brokerage.

Our software also makes it effortless for your teams to deploy our products into your sales and marketing processes.

We aim to create products and software that both your clients and teams love to use as part of their regular routines.

Our primary goal is to solve these big problems with our software.

Each iteration makes things easier and quicker for your team to complete.

Every update improves impact on your bottom line metrics, such as deposits, balances, and trading volumes.

We believe that every tool you invest in should be inextricably linked to those same bottom line metrics.

We also believe that almost all of the current solutions on offer do not do that.

We want to change this and make it the standard for all client-conversion tools and systems.

It’s better for your clients, and it’s better for your business.

By choosing Financial Source (for brokers), you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and software meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of CFD brokerage businesses.

Our innovative solutions are focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your client acquisition processes.

We offer advanced features and functionalities that streamline the onboarding experience for new clients while empowering your team to deliver exceptional service.

Our software evolves constantly, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement, driven by the desire to provide you with the best possible tools to drive your business forward.

Our team of experts diligently monitors the ever-changing landscape of CFD brokerage businesses to identify emerging opportunities and challenges, enabling us to adapt our solutions accordingly.

When you partner with Financial Source (for brokers), you gain more than just access to cutting-edge software.

You become part of a collaborative community of like-minded professionals who share a common goal:

To redefine the standards of excellence in CFD brokerage client-conversion.

We foster an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, networking, and mutual support among our clients, allowing you to tap into a wealth of expertise and insights.

Moreover, our commitment to exceptional customer support sets us apart from the competition.

We understand that the success of our software relies not only on its capabilities but also on the guidance and assistance we provide to our clients.

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that you receive timely and personalised assistance whenever you need it.

We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, founded on trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to success.

We bring together a team of passionate individuals with extensive experience in online trading and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by brokers.

By developing innovative systems and software, we aim to simplify and optimise direct-client acquisition, ultimately driving the growth and success of your brokerage.

Join us on this journey and experience the power of our unrivalled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to your success.

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