Our management team

Arno Venter

Arno Venter

Head of product operations

Arno is responsible for improving our education platform and ensuring everything runs smoothly day to day.

As a former retail trader he understands exactly what your clients want. He implements new features based on user ratings and feedback.

The ultimate test of our product quality is client-usage. If usage is low, we eliminate it from the offer. Only the highest-value features survive.

He works with our team of analysts, trading experts and developers to innovate the features that retail traders find most appealing.

Daniel Marks

Head of product development

Dan is responsible for building our software solutions and started as a retail trader in 2013.

He’s also worked inside trading education businesses that convert retail traders into brokers.

He understands the industry inside out and can build world-class software to go with it.

He actively engages with our broker customers to uncover pain-points they are experiencing and solve them.

Tobi Akinloye

Tobi Akinloye

Head of UX

Tobi is responsible for the experience that our customers and their clients enjoy while using our products.

Although new to the financial trading industry, he is an expert in UX design and transfers the common principles to all of our products.

He regularly reviews layouts to optimise usability and design. He will provide feedback and ideas for how we can improve our existing user flows.

When we’re creating brand new products, the process will always start with him.

Peter Balint

Peter Balint

Head of front-end development

Peter is responsible for building our software intuitively with the end user in mind, while matching it up with the UX design.

Peter started out as a retail trader and understands the typical journey from learning to trading an account.

He’s also worked inside trading education businesses and helped develop popular products and services aimed at individual traders.

He works closely with our analysts and product teams to make sure that our products are continuously built with our clients in mind.

Darren Horwill

Darren Horwill

Head of broker relationships

Darren is responsible for all our broker relationships across the business.

Darren began as a retail trader and he has worked in trader education, directly interacting with retail traders.

He is focused on making sure every broker we work with experiences the value of our product as quickly as possible.

He works with our broker partners to ensure that they are getting everything they need from our systems.

Jarratt Davis

Jarratt Davis


Jarratt founded Financial Source (for brokers) in 2023 to help solve some of the common issues faced by brokers.

He has worked in the industry since 2008 and understands the retail trader journey better than most.

He retired from professional trading and training in 2018, and now invests in fin-tech businesses in the financial trading industry.

Financial Source (for brokers) is a software company specialising in client-conversion systems for CFD brokers.

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